HHA Pediatric Care

Our health aides are extensively trained and come directly to your home to deliver a meticulously organized schedule of compassionate care designed specifically to meet your child’s special needs. Under our guidance, your aide diligently executes a customized care plan that prioritizes your child’s wellbeing and safety while enriching their experience with affectionate, attention and playful interaction. Moreover, our dedicated support staff remains available round the clock, ensuring that any questions or concerns you may have are promptly addressed at any hour of the day.

Bathing, Dressing,
Grooming, Toileting
Fun &
Games, Story-Telling,
Park Trips
Meal Prep, Feeding,
Eating Oversight
Responsible Medicine
Medical Appointment

HHA Pediatric Care

Do you offer payment plans?
In the event that your insurance does not fully cover your child’s special needs or you pay completely out of pocket, we work with you in outlining a feasible service and/or payment plan.
How can I be sure I receive quality service for my child?
Our home health aides go under intense scrutiny before they are hired. They undergo an intense background check, must meet our standards of excellence, and are required to have a current and valid HHA certificate. Moreover, we meticulously match a fitting aide to your child according to skill, personality and temperament to ensure compatibility and oversee their work with a watchful eye.
Do your home health aides speak other languages besides English?
We are culturally sensitive and hire a diverse staff that underscores the needs and comfort level of the broad range of clients we serve. Our aides are proficient in many languages other than English, including Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Hungarian and Hebrew.
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