Consumer Directed Personal Assistance

We proudly participate in NY State’s CDPAP Caregiver of Choice Medicaid program. Designed for the chronically ill or physically disable that require assistance in daily living and/or skilled nursing care, it opens up doors of hiring opportunities for family members or friends.

Client Eligibility

Generally, any chronically ill or physically disabled individuals on Medicaid who direct or assign representatives to direct their care are eligible for the program.

Caregiver Eligibility

Virtually anyone who is legally allowed to work qualifies. This includes friends and family with some exceptions.


You can self-enroll or access our assistance in all the details of enrollment, including assessment, forms and caregiver of choice selection.

State Availability

Wherever you live within New York State, you can rely on us to accommodate your healthcare of choice program options.

Caregiver Training

As a representative of the client, we can provide all necessary training to their caregiver of choice.

Payment Facilitation

Family or friend caregivers selected by clients are paid directly from us through the CDPA Medicaid program.

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