Expression of Care

Dedication is behind everything Unicare does. Our screened home aides are highly trained, dependable and compassionate. Aligned with your aims, they tailor care to your loved one’s doctors, nurses and medical professionals directives. Driven to make your loved one happy and secure, they give you the peace of mind of knowing your senior or disabled child is in the very best hands.
We do anything you expect – and more. Our aides are assigned according to individual requirements and personal disposition. They come to your home, bathe, dress, groom and faithfully tend to your loved one’s daily needs. They ensure safety, manage medication at prescribed times, prepare meals, do laundry and light housekeeping and escort your loved one to doctor appointments. Along with it all, they become your loved one’s best friend, providing an indispensable treasured warmth of companionship. Nothing defines care like Unicare.

Asked Questions & Concerns

What are your credentials and what areas do you service?
Unicare is licensed and insured as a full-service home health care agency with Joint Commission accreditation. We provide premiere home care to seniors as well as disabled children throughout the State of NY. Our highly trained health aides are hand-picked for dependable excellence. Throughout your tenure with your home aide, we provide ongoing responsible oversight to ensure a quality experience.
How can I benefit from Unicare if I am the primary caregiver for my mom?
You can use our services to your advantage in two ways. The first option is hiring one of our aides to support your own work. Taking the full brunt of duties off your shoulders, this gives you breathing space for time-off to take care of your own needs and not experience burn-out. Another valuable option we can provide in your situation is to facilitate payment to you as a caregiver through the state’s CDPAP program. Both scenarios offer a win-win for you and your loved one.
What can I expect from accessing your 24-hour hotline?
A registered nurse will answer your call any time of day or night. Available also to speak to your loved one’s caregiver, the nurses respond to questions, guide in treatment and make sure doctors’ instructions are in line with provided care.
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